Adverse Weather Arrangement

Classes will be cancelled if an Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal, typhoon Signal No. 3 or above is in force 2 hours prior class.

Guidelines for inclement weather

Guidelines for inclement weather


  • Amber/Red/Black rainstrom warning- all swimming courses cancel.
  • Swimming courses in progress will carry on if coach considers appropriate.
  • Parents should come to pick up their children immediately.
  • If rainstorm warning signal is cancel 2 hours prior class, all classes will run as scheduled.

Tropical cyclone warning signal No. 3 or above

  • All swimming courses cancel.
  • Parents should come to pick up their children immediately
  • All courses will run as scheduled if No. 8 signal has been lowered 2 hours before the course starts.

Other weather condition(no suspension needed)
Thunderstorm Warning – thunderstorms are often localized and short lived. All classes run as schedule.
Raining (no rainstorm warning) – All classes run as schedule.
Even under unstable weather condition, students should arrive at venue in the first place.
If weather condition unstable and coach decides to cancel the course, students will be notified.

Make-up lessons

  • Make-up lessons will be arranged if class is cancelled due to adverse weather.
  • We reserve the right to arrange make-up class. No extension / refund will be arrangement if students are unable to attend make-up class.


  • Stay calm. Enquiry at 6 hours away from course commencement will not help.
  • Please check with your coach ONE hour before course start, if in doubt.

If parents decided their children will not be attaining lessons due to their own weather judgement or private reasons, make-up class or refunds will not be permitted.

Whampoa Sports Club reserves the right to amend the above terms and conditions without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, the Club reserves the right of final interpretation and decision.

Last update: Oct 2022