Adverse Weather Arrangement

Your safety is our priority

Is there a lesson if there is bad weather

At Whampoa Sports Club, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our students and staff. We understand that adverse weather conditions can occur unexpectedly, and we have established the following arrangements to ensure that our swimming lessons continue to run safely and efficiently in adverse weather conditions:

Infographics of Our Adverse Weather Arrangement


Thunderstorms and lightning

Please note that a thunderstorm warning does not mean a thunderstorm. Thus please attend lessons as usual. 

If there is a thunderstorm or lightning in the area, all swimming lessons will be suspended immediately.

In such cases, we advise all students and parents to seek shelter indoors until it is safe to resume activities.

Heavy rain

All lessons will be cancelled under Amber / Red / Black rainstorm warning.

If there is no rainstorm warning, that means there is no “heavy” rain. 

Nevertheless, we will assess the situation and determine whether it is safe to continue with swimming lessons. In some cases, we may decide to suspend lessons until the rain subsides.

Typhoons and tropical storms

If tropical cyclone warning signal No. 3 or above is in force, all swimming lessons will be suspended.

Making decisions

Whether lessons will be held as normal depends on the weather condition 2 hours prior to class. 

Please refrain from enquiring if it is not the deciding time yet.

Students will be notified if class is cancelled. 

Make-up classes

We will arrange a make-up class for the cancelled lesson at a later date, usually within the same term.

No extension/refund will be arranged if students are unable to attend the make-up class.

Terms and Condition

If parents decided their children will not be attaining lessons due to their own weather judgement or private reasons, make-up classes or refunds will not be permitted.

Whampoa Sports Club reserves the right to amend the above terms and conditions without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, the Club reserves the right of final interpretation and decision.

Last update: Mar 2023