What Items are Essential for Swim Lessons

9 things to take to your swimming lessons

A swimsuit, towel and a pair of goggles are obviously essential things to bring for swimming lessons, there are also other things such as a swim cap and flip-flops which would keep you comfortable throughout your lesson experience. Today we are going to look into the 9 things that we suggest you to bring for your swimming lessons.

What do you need to pack for your swimming lessons?

There are 9 Things to Bring for Swimming Lessons:

  1. Proper Swimwear,
  2. Swimming Goggles,
  3. Towel,
  4. Swim Cap,
  5. Kickboard,
  6. HK$5 coin,
  7. Octopus card,
  8. Flip Flops,
  9. Water bottle

1. Proper Swimwear

Student should wear a swimsuit or swimwear that is tight fitting but comfortable and allows for a full range of motion in the water.

Bikinis are not recommended as they could fall off when moving through the water at speed.

Rash guard can be worn on top of swimwear to provide protection from harmful UV radiation.

Light wetsuit on top of your normal swimwear during winter will provide extra warmth and comfort.

2. Swimming Goggles

Goggles helps you to see inside water and protect the eyes from chlorine or other irritants in water.

A basic pair of swimming goggles that are purchased from any sporting goods store will do. However, avoid cheap goggles from dollar shops as they often leaks and breaks being made of low quality plastic.

3. Towel

Bring the towel to pool deck to dry yourself after the lesson and wrap around yourself so you don’t catch a cold.

A towel is essential for drying off after the shower and can also be used to wrap around when changing into and out of swimwear.

4. Swim Cap

You can wear a swim cap to keep hair (especially women or girl with long hair) out of your face while you swim.

5. Kickboard

A kickboard is a swimming aid that supports your arms and upper body, so you can practise your leg work before you get into a full-body swim.

Bring your own kickboard to lessons as sharing is not recommended in this post-covid era.

6. A $5 dollar coin

There are lockers provided in public swimming pools. You’ll need a HK$5 coin (a HK$2 coin for Kwun Tong Swimming Pool) to use those.

The coin will drop out from the slot on the inside of the locker when you unlock the locker. Since the coin is refundable so technically the lockers are free.

You can also bring your own padlock for extra security.

7. An Octopus card

Swimmers can use Octopus cards for the payment of entrance fees at all public swimming pools managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), although coins are also accepted at the toll gates.

Note: No Credit Card. No WeChat Pay. No Alipay.

8. Flip-flops

It is always a good idea to wear flip-flops, sandals or slippers on pool decks and changing room.

Bacteria and viruses loves wet floors besides pools, so walking in flip-flops is better than walking barefoot because it helps you reduce to chance of getting warts, nail fungus or athlete’s Foot.

Flip-flops or sandals can also be worn to protect the feet from the hot pavement in the Summer.

9. Water bottle

Stay hydrated, bring water bottles if needed.

No food or drinks are allowed in public swimming pools, so make sure it is clear water inside your water bottle.

Other things to bring that you may also consider

While not necessary, you may also want to consider:
  1. Waterproof bag – good to pack stuff in, especially when they are wet after swim
  2. Shampoo and conditioner – dechlorinating type if needed
  3. Comb – for long hairs
  4. Padlock – for extra security for lockers
  5. Sunscreen – if swimming outdoors in Summer
  6. Moisturizer – for skin after swim
  7. Personal sanitary ware – for ladies
  8. Back floats – for babies and beginners
  9. Arm floats – for babies and beginners
  10. Pull buoys – if you know how to use them…

Things to avoid

  1. Snorkel and masks, fins, etc. – We are swimming, not diving.
  2. Swim ring – we will not use buoy rings in swimming lessons.
  3. Glass – Broken glass causing pools to shut down, can ruins everyone’s day. They are also not easily noticable so people might get hurt.

For babies

P.S. For any swimmer under age 3 or who is not potty trained, swim diaper is required.

Last Update: May 2023