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Swimming Lessons for Beginners

“Little Tadpole” Semi-private lessons by Whampoa Sports Club is one of the best well-known swimming lessons in Kowloon. Our experienced instructors follow a modern curricula which ensures swimmers learn to swim in a pleasant, safe, and fulfilling environment.

Our 2:1 ratio will allow your child to swim with a family member or friend of similar levels

20111112 何文田 幼兒泳班

  • Age: For non-swimmers 3 years +
  • Class length: 90 minutes
  • Six session cost: HK$1440

Tai Wan Shan Swimming Pool, Hunghom

Course code Day Time Remarks
TWS-Sa-1400B Sat 14:00-15:30 May-Oct
TWS-Sa-1530B Sat 15:30-17:00 May-Oct
TWS-Su-0900B Sun 09:00-10:30 May-Oct
TWS-Su-1030B Sun 10:30-12:00 May-Oct

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Ho Man Tin Indoor Swimming Pool

Course code Day Time Remarks
HMT-Sa-0900B Sat 09:00-10:30
HMT-Sa-1030B Sat 10:30-12:00
HMT-Sa-1400B Sat 14:00-15:30 Nov-Apr
HMT-Sa-1530B Sat 15:30-17:00 Nov-Apr
HMT-Su-0900B Sun 09:00-10:30 Nov-Apr
HMT-Su-1030B Sun 10:30-12:00 Nov-Apr
HMT-Su-1300B Sun 13:00-14:30

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Lam Tin Swimming Pool

Course code Day Time Remarks
LT-Sa-0900B Sat 09:00-10:30 Jan-Feb
LT-Sa-1030B Sat 10:30-12:00 Jan-Feb
LT-Sa-1330B Sat 13:30-15:00
LT-Sa-1500B Sat 15:00-16:30
LT-Sa-1630B Sat 16:30-18:00
LT-Sa-0900B Sun 09:00-10:30 Jan-Feb
LT-Sa-1030B Sun 10:30-12:00 Jan-Feb
LT-Su-1330B Sun 13:30-15:00
LT-Su-1500B Sun 15:00-16:30
LT-Su-1630B Sun 16:30-18:00

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Kwun Tong Swimming Pool

Course code Day Time Remarks
KT-Sa-0900B Sat 09:00-10:30
KT-Sa-1030B Sat 10:30-12:00
KT-Sa-1330B Sat 13:30-15:00 May-Jun
KT-Sa-1500B Sat 15:00-16:30 May-Jun
KT-Sa-1630B Sat 16:30-18:00 May-Jun
KT-Sa-0900B Sun 09:00-10:30
KT-Sa-1030B Sun 10:30-12:00
KT-Su-1330B Sun 13:30-15:00 May-Jun
KT-Su-1500B Sun 15:00-16:30 May-Jun
KT-Su-1630B Sun 16:30-18:00 May-Jun

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Class commencement dates

every first Saturday / Sunday of each month

To ensure safety, Whampoa Sports Club has the smallest class size benchmarking with others. Since our establishment we has had zero incidents and a perfect safety track record.

中文: 1對2幼兒泳班