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Beginner Swimming Lessons

“Little Tadpole” Semi-private lessons by Whampoa Sports Club is one of the best well-known swimming lessons in Kowloon. Our experienced instructors follow a modern curricula which ensures swimmers learn to swim in a pleasant, safe, and fulfilling environment.

Our 2:1 ratio will allow your child to swim with a family member or friend of similar levels

Best time to learn

Age between 3 and 7 is the golden time of learning swimming. Swimming is a personal lifelong skill that will never be robbed, lost or forgotten.

Professional coaches

Our coaches has many years of experience in teaching toddlers swimming with love and patience. Children can easily understand and follow, thus learn well and progress faster.

Small class size

We offers small 1-to-2 toddler swimming lessons for undivided attention, plus enable toddlers to learn swimming in a fun and social setting.

Tai Wan Shan Swimming Pool, Whampoa

Course code Day Time Remarks
TWS-Sa-1400B Sat 14:00-15:30 May-Oct
TWS-Sa-1530B Sat 15:30-17:00 May-Oct
TWS-Su-0900B Sun 09:00-10:30 May-Oct
TWS-Su-1030B Sun 10:30-12:00 May-Oct

Ho Man Tin Indoor Swimming Pool

Course code Day Time Remarks
HMT-Sa-0900B Sat 09:00-10:30
HMT-Sa-1030B Sat 10:30-12:00
HMT-Sa-1400B Sat 14:00-15:30 Nov-Apr
HMT-Sa-1530B Sat 15:30-17:00 Nov-Apr
HMT-Su-0900B Sun 09:00-10:30 Nov-Apr
HMT-Su-1030B Sun 10:30-12:00 Nov-Apr
HMT-Su-1300B Sun 13:00-14:30

Kwun Tong Swimming Pool

Course code Day Time Remarks
KT-Sa-0900B Sat 09:00-10:30
KT-Sa-1030B Sat 10:30-12:00
KT-Sa-1330B Sat 13:30-15:00 May-Jun
KT-Sa-1500B Sat 15:00-16:30 May-Jun
KT-Sa-1630B Sat 16:30-18:00 May-Jun
KT-Sa-0900B Sun 09:00-10:30
KT-Sa-1030B Sun 10:30-12:00
KT-Su-1330B Sun 13:30-15:00 May-Jun
KT-Su-1500B Sun 15:00-16:30 May-Jun
KT-Su-1630B Sun 16:30-18:00 May-Jun

Lam Tin Swimming Pool

Course code Day Time Remarks
LT-Sa-0900B Sat 09:00-10:30 Jan-Feb
LT-Sa-1030B Sat 10:30-12:00 Jan-Feb
LT-Sa-1330B Sat 13:30-15:00
LT-Sa-1500B Sat 15:00-16:30
LT-Sa-1630B Sat 16:30-18:00
LT-Sa-0900B Sun 09:00-10:30 Jan-Feb
LT-Sa-1030B Sun 10:30-12:00 Jan-Feb
LT-Su-1330B Sun 13:30-15:00
LT-Su-1500B Sun 15:00-16:30
LT-Su-1630B Sun 16:30-18:00

Class commencement dates

every first Saturday / Sunday of each month

For toddlers and pre-schoolers between 4 to 6 years young
Try a single 90-minute lesson
Please schedule for trial
Top-up available if confirm on the day of trial
For toddlers and pre-schoolers between 4 to 6 years young
6 x 90min lessons per term
Max 2 remedial lessons
Free swim cap
For toddlers and pre-schoolers between 4 to 6 years young
Weekly lessons
Swim for 6 calendar months
Free swim cap

Pool entrance fee not included

To ensure safety, Whampoa Sports Club has the smallest class size benchmarking with others. Since our establishment we has had zero incidents and a perfect safety track record.

中文: 1對2幼兒泳班