Swimming Lessons for Babies

Swimming Lessons for Babies

If your baby enjoys playing in the bath, come learn with us to become a Water Baby.

Every baby has the potential, the sooner a child discovers the freedom of buoyancy, the more relaxed and independent when he get some serious learning.

Code Pool Day Time Dates
KT-Su-1030G6 KT Sun 10:00-11:00 June 1st Sunday
KT-Su-1030G7 KT Sun 10:00-11:00 July 1st Sunday
KT-Su-1030G8 KT Sun 10:00-11:00 August 1st Sunday
TWS-Su-1030G6 TWS Sun 10:30-11:30 June 1st Sunday
TWS-Su-1030G7 TWS Sun 10:30-11:30 July 1st Sunday
TWS-Su-1030G8 TWS Sun 10:30-11:30 August 1st Sunday
HMT-Su-1300G6 HMT Sun 13:00-14:00 June 1st Sunday
HMT-Su-1300G7 HMT Sun 13:00-14:00 July 1st Sunday
HMT-Su-1300G8 HMT Sun 13:00-14:00 August 1st Sunday

KT – Kwun Tong Swimming Pool
TWS – Tai Wan Shan Swimming Pool
HMT – Ho Man Tin Swimming Pool

$799 = 4 x 60min lesson

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Remarks: Our coaches speak English

20100620 親子游泳班

What’s being learned?

Parents participate and assist in lessons to make the toddlers feel comfortable and safe, and adapt to the pool environment quickly. Parents and toddlers will learn how to enter water safely, hold their breath when they go underwater, ultimately propel themselves in water and finally get out of the pool safely.

20100704 親子游泳班

Class Policy

Parent’s involvement is required.
Schedule is fixed for 4 consecutive weeks lesson excluding public holidays.
Children will be required to wear swim diapers when in the pool.

* Parent / Guardian (max. two) is required to accompany the child during lessons *