Baby Swimming Lessons

Summer Fun for Your Little Ones

Give Your Baby the Greatest Gift of Life

Babies and infants who swim during their formative years are more advanced in their cognitive and physical developments compared to their non-swimming peers. 

Our baby swimming lessons equip your toddler with the critical life-preserving skill of swimming, and it is definitely a fun and fascinating family time to swim together. 

Don’t miss out this amazing and valuable time for bonding with your baby during that short, tender age. We teach babies as little as 6 months young!

Build foundations

Equipping your baby / infant with the skills needed for water survival is probably the greatest gift you can give to him / her that lasts a lifetime, and it also lays the foundation of swimming in the next level.

Experienced coach

Lessons are lead by swimming coach with extensive experience in working with babies and parents. We have experience in guiding parents help babies to overcome the fear of water.

Small class size

No more than 4 families attending classes at the same time. More care, safer and ensure the quality of learning. Your baby will learn to be acquainted and acclimatized with being in it, as well as its nature and characteristics.

Baby Swimming Lessons Near You

Course Code Pool Day Time First Lesson
TWS-Su-1030G6 Tai Wan Shan Sun 10:30-11:30 4 Jun 2023
TWS-Su-1030G7 Tai Wan Shan Sun 10:30-11:30 2 Jul 2023
TWS-Su-1030G8 Tai Wan Shan Sun 10:30-11:30 6 Aug 2023
TWS-Su-1030G9 Tai Wan Shan Sun 10:30-11:30 3 Sep 2023


Duration of 60 minutes per class

Class Ratio

Small class ratio of 1 teacher to 4 students


HK$800 for 4 lessons

What’s being learned?

Parents participate and assist in lessons to make the toddlers feel comfortable and safe, and adapt to the pool environment quickly. Parents and toddlers will learn how to enter water safely, hold their breath when they go underwater, ultimately propel themselves in water and finally get out of the pool safely.

Class Policy

  • Parents / Guardians (max. two) are required to accompany the child during lessons
  • Parents / Guardians need to pay their own pool entrance fee.
  • Schedule is fixed for 4 consecutive weeks lesson excluding public holidays.
  • Diaper Policy: Non-toilet-trained children are required to wear swim diapers when they’re in the pool.

Baby swimming class Enquiry

Online Enquiry / Whatsapp Mr Kan 6090 5790

Remarks: Our coaches speak English