Swimming Lessons for Adult Female

Women's Only Classes for Ladies in Hong Kong

Ladies, swim stress-free today!

Taught by female swim teacher, in a friendly environment with other ladies, whether you’re new to swimming or returning to the swimming pool, our swimming sessions will build your confidence in the water.

Rather than working on speed or stroke, we focus on providing a social, happy and relaxing experience for you.

Girls can swim! All these years we have helped countless women become active in and out of the water.  The next one could be YOU!

Women-only sessions

Swim sessions for women over the age of 16 years, in a small class size of 3 to 6 ladies, taught by lady instructors. We are probably the most experienced women-only swim lesson provider in town.

Stress-free lesson duration

We know how hard is life in Hong Kong. It’s important for you to take time out and de-stress your body and mind at our swim sessions. Our 90-minute lesson length can make your learning experience less rushing and more enjoyable.

Fear of missing a lesson?

There are times when ladies are not convenient in going into water. Here we provide a maximum of 2 make-up lessons if you inform us our absence at least 24 hours in advance, so you do not need to worry missing out on progress. 


West Kowloon

Tai Wan Shan Swimming Pool (Whampoa), Ho Man Tin Swimming Pool, Lai Chi Kok Park Swimming Pool (Mei Foo)

Code Pool Day Time
TWS-Su-1030F Tai Wan Shan Sun 10:30-12:00
TWS-Tu-1930F Tai Wan Shan Tue 19:30-21:00
TWS-Th-1930F Tai Wan Shan Thu 19:30-21:00
LCK-Fr-1930F Lai Chi Kok Park Fri 19:30-21:00

Ho Man Tin Sports Centre is now converted into Community Vaccination Centre. Please shift to Tai Wan Shan Swimming Pool in Whampoa for swimming lessons.

East Kowloon, East New Territories

Kwun Tong Swimming Pool, Lam Tin Swimming Pool

Code Pool Day Time
KT-Su-1030F Kwun Tong Sun 10:30-12:00
KT-Tu-1930F Kwun Tong Tue 19:30-21:00
KT-Th-1930F Kwun Tong Thu 19:30-21:00

West New Territories

Tuen Mun North West Swimming Pool, Yuen Long Swimming Pool, Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Swimming Pool, Shing Mun Valley Swimming Pool (Tsuen Wan)

Code Pool Day Time Period
NW-Tu-1930F Tuen Mun North West Tue 19:30-21:00 All Year
YL-Th-1930F Yuen Long Thu 19:30-21:00 All Year
SMV-Th-1930F Shing Mun Valley Thu 19:30-21:00 Suspended

The maximum capacity of Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Swimming Pool has been reduced to 104 persons in order to comply with the requirements stipulated in the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F). Hence we need to temporarily shift the class to Yuen Long Swimming Pool. 

The maximum capacity of Shing Mun Valley Swimming Pool has been reduced to 280 persons in order to comply with the requirements stipulated in the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F). Hence we need to temporarily suspend the swimming class there. 

Lessons in Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Swimming Pool are relocated to Yuen Long Swimming Pool in Sep – Oct during pool annual maintenance.

Hong Kong Island

Victoria Park

Code Pool Day Time
VP-Mo-1900F Victoria Park Mon 19:00-20:30

New sessions start on the first week of every month.

Are you ready to unlock your true self?


$ 280
  • Single session of one 90-min lesson
  • Welcome to reserve
  • Can top up to the next level


$ 1,280
  • 7 x 90min lessons
  • Max 2 remedial lessons
  • Free swim cap for new students
  • Can master 1-2 strokes

6-month Pass

$ 2,800
  • One 90min lesson per week
  • Swim for a 6-month period
  • Free swim cap for new students
  • can master all strokes
  • Gain confidence in deep water

Seats are limited and available on a first-come-first- served basis.

Students are required to complete 7 lessons in 2 months.

Students pay their own entrance fee

Need extra help?

Contact Us / WhatsApp Miss So 6707 7106 / Mr Kan 6090 5790

Please leave a WhatsApp message as coaches are busy. State your question directly will enable quicker response.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is taught?

Two basic styles are taught in our beginner class:

  • Front crawl (freestyle)
  • Breaststroke (frog-style)
Freestyle is hard?

Front crawl is not as hard as you think, you can learn to crawl in just a few lessons!

Butterfly or Backstroke?

Want to learn other techniques such as treading water, butterfly style or backstroke? Tell our coach and she can help.

Men can swim, so can women

If you’ve made it to adulthood without learning to swim, it’s never too late.

Whatever age you are and whether you are an beginner or looking to improve your stroke technique, we offer a comprehensive programme of lessons so there’ll be always a course to suit you.