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Women's Only Classes for Ladies in Hong Kong

Join our female-led swimming sessions

Are you looking for a leisure and supportive place to start or improve your swimming skills? Our female swim coaches have got you covered! Our swimming sessions are designed to help build your confidence in the water in a friendly environment with other ladies.

We believe that learning to swim should be an enjoyable experience, so we focus on creating a social and relaxed atmosphere instead of just pushing you to swim faster or perfect your stroke.

Over the years, we’ve helped countless women become more active in and out of the water. So why not join us and become the next success story? We’re excited to help you achieve your swimming goals!

Helped 1,000+ beginners gain life-long swimming skills

Female coaches

Our Women Swimming Class is designed specifically for female students and is taught by female coaches. The class provides a safe and comfortable environment for female students to learn and practice.

Small class size 1:6

Our small class size allows the instructor to provide individualized attention to each student, helping them improve their technique and build their confidence in the water.

Make-up lessons for absence

The class offers two make-up lessons for students who miss a scheduled class. So you can make up any missed lessons and continue your progress of learning swimming.

Acclaimed Women's Adult Swim Classes

Sessions on Offer

Kowloon West

Tai Wan Shan Swimming Pool (Whampoa), Ho Man Tin Swimming Pool, Lai Chi Kok Park Swimming Pool (Mei Foo)

Course Code Pool Day Time Availability
TWS-Su-1030F Tai Wan Shan Sun 10:30-12:00 May-Oct
TWS-Tu-1930F Tai Wan Shan Tue 19:30-21:00 May-Oct
TWS-Th-1930F Tai Wan Shan Thu 19:30-21:00 May-Oct
HMT-Su-1030F Ho Man Tin Sun 10:30-12:00 Nov-Apr
HMT-Tu-1930F Ho Man Tin Tue 19:30-21:00 Nov-Apr
HMT-Th-1930F Ho Man Tin Thu 19:30-21:00 Nov-Apr
LCK-Fr-1930F Lai Chi Kok Park Fri 19:30-21:00 All year

First Lesson: first full week of every month.

Kowloon East

Kwun Tong Swimming Pool

Course Code Pool Day Time Availability
KT-Su-1030F Kwun Tong Sun 10:30-12:00 All Year
KT-Tu-1930F Kwun Tong Tue 19:30-21:00 All Year
KT-Th-1930F Kwun Tong Thu 19:30-21:00 All Year

First Lesson: first full week of every month.

Lessons would be held in Lam Tin Swimming Pool during annual maintenance in January and February.

Hong Kong Island

Morrison Hill Swimming Pool (Wan Chai)

Course Code Pool Day Time Availability
MH-Tu-1900F* Morrison Hill Tue 19:00-20:30 All year

First Lesson: first full week of every month.

New Territories West

Shing Mun Valley Swimming Pool (Tsuen Wan), Tuen Mun North West Swimming Pool (Tin King)

Course Code Pool Day Time Availability
SMV-We-1930F Shing Mun Valley Wed 19:30-21:00 All Year
NW-We-2030F* Tuen Mun North West Wed 20:00-21:30 All Year

First Lesson: first full week of every month.

Are you ready to unlock your true self?

Single Session

$ 280
  • Single session of one 90-min lesson
  • Welcome to book in advance
  • Can top up to the next level
  • Not applicable to lessons in Jul - Sep


$ 1,280
  • 7 x 90min lessons
  • Max 2 make-up lessons
  • Free swim cap for new students
  • Can master 1-2 strokes

6-month Pass

$ 3,600
  • One 90min lesson per week
  • Swim for a 6-month period
  • Free swim cap for new students
  • Can master all strokes
  • Gain confidence in deep water

Please sign up at least 7 days before your first lesson.

Limited seats available on a first-come first-served basis.

Students are required to complete 7 lessons in 2 months for Standard lessons.

There will be no make-up lessons for absenses in 6-month Pass.

Students pay their own entrance fee.

Need extra help?

Contact Us / WhatsApp Miss So 6707 7106 / Mr Kan 6090 5790

Please leave a message on WhatsApp as the coaches are frequently occupied. Please provide your name, contact method, the lessons you are enquiring (Adult Female), and write down your question directly for more efficient responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is taught in the women's swimming lessons?

A typical curriculum of women’s swimming lessons would include:

  1. Water safety: We will teach adult students how to be safe in and around water, including pool rules and basic water survival skills.
  2. Breathing techniques: Instructors will teach students how to coordinate their breathing with the swimming environment, which is crucial for swimming.
  3. Basic floating: Students will learn how to float on their front (easier than laying back to float). Floating with the face in the water is the foundation for swimming.
  4. Arm and leg movements: Students will learn how to use their arms and legs to propel themselves through the water.
  5. Strokes: Instructors will teach basic freestyle and breaststroke, and how to swim them correctly and efficiently.
  6. Endurance building: Breathing with the strokes are the key for swimming longer distances. In the process endurance was built and overall fitness level improved.
  7. Advanced techniques: Instructors may teach other strokes such as backstroke and butterfly, and also treading water where applicable.

Actual lesson progress and skills taught would depend on the skill level and overall progress of the students. We tend to offer a flexible programme to cater best for our students.

A sample curriculum of lessons can be found [here].

Freestyle was taught in the lessons, is it hard to learn?

Freestyle, also known as the front crawl, may seem challenging to learn by most people. However, by our experience and proper instruction, learning to swim freestyle is fast and easy.

After learning the basics of floating, the movements of the arm and leg are pretty easy and need minimal coordination. The sideward breathing of freestyle may be tricky to most, but with the feedback from our experienced instructor to make corrections and refinement of body position and movement, with persisted practice, most people can swim freestyle comfortably in a short time.

Thus, although freestyle may not seem to be easy to learn at first, it is definitely achievable for most people with our approach and proper guidance.

Would you teach breaststroke instead, if freestyle seemed to be harder to learn?

Some people consider breaststroke easier to learn than freestyle. Breaststroke is slower and physically less demanding. Swimmer uses a rhythmic kick and arm movement to move through the water in breaststroke, its long breathing time with head above water also make breaststroke a popular choice for beginner swimmers.

However, breaststroke has a more complex motion and requires more coordination, making it more challenging to learn for newbie swimmers.

On the other hand, freestyle has a simple and straightforward arm and leg motion, and it allows swimmers to move quickly through the water, making it a more efficient stroke. Thus, from our experience, freestyle is generally considered to be easier to learn than breaststroke.

Having said that, with our proper instruction and your practice, anyone can learn to swim both freestyle and breaststroke effectively.

Is backstroke easy to learn?

In backstroke, the swimmers float on their back and use flutter kicks and alternating arm movements to move through the water. With their face out of water, breathing is easier.

However, as you cannot see what is coming in front of you, there would be a lack of security and not particularly suitable for a place like Hong Kong that is packed with people everywhere.

Can I learn to swim butterfly in this swimming course?

This swimming course is targeting students with beginners’ level to intermediate level. Butterfly is widely considered the most difficult swimming stroke to learn, as it requires the most coordination and physical effort, therefore it is not automatically included in the curriculum.

In butterfly stroke, the swimmer uses simultaneous arm and leg movements to propel through water. The technique is most complex and requires precise coordination of the arms, legs, and body movement. Beginners, with less experience in swimming, would find it difficult to learn and master.

That being said, if you have the proper level of strength, endurance, flexibility, and experience in swimming, please talk to us and we would guide you towards the right class to join.

How much time does it take for an average person to learn swimming?

For a beginner, it may take from around 10 to 20 hours of instruction and practice to master basic swimming skills and feel comfortable in the water. This is the reason that we design the course to be a seven-session 90-minute course, with totals to around 10 hours.

Of course, the amount of time it takes for an average person, especially an adult, to learn swimming can vary greatly, depending on an individual’s prior experience, physical ability, and determination to succeed.

From experience, some people pick up the basics fairly quickly with just a few lessons, especially if they are already psychologically comfortable in the water. Other students may need more time and practice. With proper instruction and feedback from instructors, and regular practice and persistence, most people can learn to swim effectively.

Swimming is a continuous process and there is always room for improvement. Even if you know swimming already, it is always good to come to our lessons to make corrections and refine your swimming techniques.

People said you do not truly know swimming if you cannot tread water?

Treading water involves keeping the head above water and maintaining a position of balance in the water by kicking and paddling with the arms. Treading water requires coordination, balance, and core strength, as well as the ability to continuously move your legs and arms to stay afloat.

Treading water can be a challenging skill to learn, especially if you are new to swimming. After students have mastered basic strokes, and become more comfortable and confident in the water, then the instructor can move on to offer this advanced or optional skill for those who are interested and ready for it. The key to mester treading water is to practice regularly and work on building your strength, endurance, and techniques.

If you are in particular interested in treading water, please discuss your goals and needs with the instructor to ensure you are getting the most out of your swimming lessons, and become proficient at treading water.

Men can swim, so can women

It’s never too late to learn how to swim, even if you’ve reached adulthood without mastering this important skill.

Our swimming programme offers a wide range of lessons, from beginner classes to more advanced techniques, from those who have never set foot in the water before to those looking to improve their existing swim strokes.

Our experienced and qualified instructors understand that everyone’s needs are unique and strive to provide personalized attention to help you reach your goals.

Whether you’re interested in learning for leisure, improving your health, or preparing for a triathlon, our program has something to offer. So why wait? Join us today and start your journey towards becoming a confident and skilled swimmer!