Terms and Conditions

To enable learners and coaches to learn swimming in a relaxed and safe environment, please read these rules and regulations carefully before registering for swimming lessons.

Please note the following:

By registering, you agree that you have read these rules and regulations and fully accept and agree to all arrangements.

General terms and conditions

1. Safety first

  1. Participants are required to learn in the pool where the instructor is present. Other pools are not allowed to use. The coach has the right to decide and change the venue of the class, the student shall not object.
  2. After class, please change your clothes as soon as possible and leave the pool. Participants are not allowed to stay behind in the pool area, and if there is any accident, the Club is not responsible for any accidents, injury, theft, loss or damage to personal property on the premises of the lesson.
  3. If necessary, the coach has the right to cancel the class for safety reason, the participants shall not object.

2. Personal hygiene

  1. Anyone with infectious diseases, do not swim.
  2. Students should be aware of their physical condition, if you feel uncomfortable, or the emergence of infectious diseases such as fever, respiratory symptoms (such as cough, runny nose, sore throat), red eye, rash, skin damage, etc., should stay at home and take rest. If you have any questions, please consult your doctor.
  3. If the coach at any time observed that the health status of the participants not suitable to learn or emerges the symptoms of infectious diseases, the coach has the right to terminate his lesson and advise the participant to return home as soon as possible for safety reason
  4. Do not get too hungry or full before swimming.
  5. Before entering the pool, wash your body and pay attention to personal hygiene.
  6. If you feel any discomfort during class, report to the coach immediately

3. Swim class related

  1. New students (whether it is adult swimming class / children swimming class), please standby 5 minutes before the start of the swimming lesson and report to the coach.
  2. Students must follow the relevant rules of the swimming pool. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult to enter or use the swimming pool.
  3. Students must wear suitable swimsuit when attending lessons.
  4. For safety and easy identification, if the Club provide swimming caps (free), students must wear them during lessons;  Please keep the swimming cap until the end of the course; if the student did not wear the swimming cap to class, the coach has the right to prohibit the student from attending the lesson. Wearing swimming cap from other clubs is not acceptable.
  5. Switching of classes would not be accepted, unless the enrolled class has been cancelled. Once enrolled, all paid tuition fee would not be refunded. The Club may approve the transfer of class at its discretion and reserves the right to charge a transfer fee of $100.
  6. Student must abide to the instruction of the coach and follow the relevant rules of the swimming pool. Swimming coaches have the right to stop disobedient students from continuing to class, for safety reason, without refund or make-up lessons.
  7. Once enrolled, that implies the student understood and possesses good physical fitness and is suitable for taking part in the lessons. The Club and its staff are not responsible for any accidents or injury on the premises of the lesson.
  8. The Club reserves the right to change any instructor at any time without prior notice, and students has no right to object.
  9. Please be reminded that we take online reputation seriously. Any untrue rumors published on the Internet would have consequences and would be subject to legal action.

4. Holidays and make up classes

  1. Students being late for lessons would not be given make-up time or refund.
  2. Maximum 2 make-up lessons permitted per standard term.
  3. All lessons of Children’s swimming class are to be completed within 2 months.
  4. All lessons of Adult swimming class are to be completed within 3 months.
  5. Please inform the swimming instructor at least 24 hours prior to absence. Notice less than 24 hours would not be entitled for make up classes.
  6. Absences without prior notice would not be entitled to make up classes.
  7. If the lesson is interrupted due to bad weather, if that lesson has already held more than 50% of the time, no additional make-up class would be granted, if the lesson was held less than 50% of the time, additional make-up lessons would be granted.
  8. No lessons on public holidays (unless special notice).
  9. Students competing in swimming gala, the day would be counted as a lesson.
  10. All make-up lessons need to be completed within one month.
  11. Make-up classes cannot be rescheduled under all circumstances. Absentee of the make-up class surrenders their right of the make-up class.

5. Fees

  1. Students are required to pay a minimum 50% the entire course fee as deposit (down-payment). The remaining fee (if any) is required to pay in full prior to the start of the first lesson.
  2. Please pay full fee if applying for trial (single session) lesson.
  3. Priority of lesson enrolment: Full fee > Deposit > Trial.
  4. Any bank charges incurred shall be paid by the remitter.
  5. Once the booking is confirmed, all reservations cannot be changed or cancelled and no refund will be allowed. Failure to attend lessons as scheduled will be considered “withdrawal”, and all prepaid fees are not refundable. The Club reserves the right to retrieve the remaining fee.
  6. Confirmed trial lesson would not be rescehduled. All fees related to trial lesson are not refundable.
  7. In addition to special circumstances, once registered, may not apply for a refund, or to be transferred to others in lieu.
  8. Only when we cancel the class, you will be refunded.
  9. Renewal fee should be paid on the last lesson of the term. Any overdue payment are subject to an additional administrative fee of 15% of the tuition fee.
  10. The Club reserves the right to recover unpaid tuition fees.
  11. If you drop out of school due to personal reasons, there will be no refund.
  12. Students and parents are admitted to the pool at their own expense.
  13. Please use a 5-dollar coin to operate the locker, it can be retrieved after use.

6. Photo shooting and video recording

  1. The Club reserves the right to use photographs or videos of students in class and/or competition for recording or publicity purposes.
  2. Without the written permission of the Club, parents are not allowed to photograph or video-record the lesson.

7. Insurance

  1. The Club has a third party liability insurance of HK$10 million for all swimming classes.
  2. The maximum personal compensation is HK$100,000 for each event and one million for each insurance period.
  3. The insurance of the Club is underwritten by China Ping An Insurance (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., covering any part of Hong Kong.

7. We reserve the right to restrict or refuse to accept the application and to change the information of the event without notice. In case of any dispute, the Club reserves the right of final decision.

Last revision: 18 July 2022