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Our private one to one swimming lessons are suitable for students of all levels, from beginners to improver to competitive swimmers.

As a reputable swim school in Hong Kong, we help you to pick the most relevant tutor to help you learn how to swim, or swim better.

Your swim performance works better with us.

Flexible class times

You can work with the coach to set up a schedule that matches your own pace, or book your time for lessons*.

Brings faster progress

Learn one to one or in a group of 3 maximum, refine your skills and you swim better with someone experienced guiding you.

Speak your language

Our tutors can speak Cantonese / English / Putonghua.

Our selection of swimming tutors in Hong Kong

Private Swimming Lessons for YOU

Private Lessons for Kids

$ 7,600 Per 7 x 90min lessons
  • Best for busy kids
  • Age 14 or below
  • 7 x 90min lessons

Private Lessons for Adult

$ 8,400 Per 7 x 90min lessons
  • Best for students with unstable hours
  • Aged 15 or above
  • 7 x 90min lessons

Lessons for Athletes

$ 1,000 Per hour
  • Going to swim meets?
  • Age unlimited
  • Pay as you go

Your entrance fee to pool not included

If lessons are to be held at the pool at your private club, please pay for the entrance fee of coach as well.

An additonal $800 payable for each additional students beyond 3 persons. 

All lessons to be completed within 2 calendar months.


Online enquiry / WhatsApp Ricky 6090 5790


Can we pick male / female tutor?

To safeguard our tutors and students from sexual harrassments, we adopt a strict policy of male teaching male, and female teaching female. And we have no plan to make exceptions.

For children on the contrary, the experience of the tutors are paramount and we strive to provide parents with the best swimming tutors for their children.

Can we mix male / female in a group?

Not recommended for adult class. Female students may have days not convenient to get into water, and male students may be impacted. In addition, we have a policy that tutors and students should be of the same gender. 

If it is child class, mixing boys and girls is acceptable.

Can we mix students of different ages?

In theory yes, as there are many cases that brothers and sisters are learning together. However, be reminded that children swimming ability has to be at the same level.

Adult / Child mix is not recommended.

Flexible class time can be arranged?

In theory yes. However, good coaches can be having a busy schedule, so please book in well advance to avoid disappointment. 

Can you come to my club house?

Yes, providing your place is not too distanct. Good coaches may have busy schedule that they have lessons near back to back, so they may hate spend time travelling. 

Can the lessons be conduct in English?

Yes. Our coaches are all well-educated speaking fluent English / Putonghua.

Can you pass your coach details for picking?

Sorry no. We know some place do this, but we don’t. Our coaches are our best asset, and we are shielding them from our competitors (not your fault though).

Can we have free trial lessons?

We know some people out there offer first lesson free. Unfortunately our coaches do not need to do that any more.

We only have reputable coaches, and they are not willing to offer their valuable service for free. Anyway, those looking for freebies are not our clients.

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