Can I swim if i have cold or flu? 3 reasons for telling you not to

It is generally not recommended to swim when you have a cold or flu. Swimming, while you have a cold or flu, can worsen your symptoms, and may lead to other problems.

Watch out for your immune system

When you have a cold or flu, your immune system is already compromised. That means you are more likely to catch other infections. Swimming pools, including those in Club Houses, are public places. Swimming in those pools would increase your risk of exposure to germs and bacteria. With a weakened immune system, you are more vulnerable to secondary infections such as ear infections.

Swimming when you have a cold or flu would worsen you

The moist environment of a pool can also worsen cold and flu symptoms, such as congestion and coughing. Swimming could also trigger a fever. the physical exertion required for swimming can put extra stress on the body and make flu symptoms worse.

Be considerate of other people

Swimming pools are communal spaces in Hong Kong it is often means crowded with people. It is likely that you would spread your illness to others if you swim while you are sick.

It is generally not recommended to swim when you have the flu

In conclusion, swimming while you have a cold or flu is not recommended.

Swimming when you are sick can worsen your symptoms, increase your risk of secondary infections, and put other healthy people at risk, too.

It is best to stay home and rest until you have fully recovered.

If you have a fever, difficulty in breathing, or any other serious symptoms, you should consult a doctor before engaging in physical activity, including swimming.