Kowloon Park Swimming Pool The 5 Star Swimming Pool at Kowloon side

Kowloon Park Swimming Pool is one of the best-equipped swimming pools in Hong Kong, and is the only venue in Kowloon suitable for staging major or international swimming events. It includes an Olympic sized 50-metre indoor main pool, two 25-metre indoor training pools, and a 20-metre diving pool, and several outdoor leisure pools.

Address: 22 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

How to get to Kowloon Park Swimming Pool

  1. Jordan MTR C2 Exit, walk along Bowring Street, turn left down Pilkem Street
  2. Walk along Pilkem Street to Austin Road, go across the road
  3. Then you will see the entrance of Kowloon Park
  4. Go up the slope, walk up steps to the parade,
  5. Walk past the spectators stand entrance (Don’t go in), then you will see the entrance to the swimming pool

Where to gather

Where to gather at Kowloon Park Swimming Pool 九龍公園游泳池 游泳班集合地點
Where to gather at Kowloon Park Swimming Pool

At the first lesson, coach will wait at the Pool Entrance (📍). Please report to the coach when you arrive.

If you are late, you can look for us at the far end of the indoor training pool, near the diving pool (⭐).

Gentle reminder: Leave enough time for travel. Don’t rush or panic. If you need assistance, just WhatsApp the coach.

Useful Information

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