Swimming Class Assembly Point at Kwun Tong Swimming Pool

So, this is your first lesson at Kwun Tong Swimming Pool by Whampoa Sports Club. You may be wondering where would be the assembly point and where would you meet the instructor.

We understand you are eager to start, but do not rush into the pool just yet. The Kwun Tong Swimming Pool complex covers an area of over 23,000 square meters, with multiple outdoor indoor swimming pool facilities, meaning it is HUGE! Thus, if you running around the pools at your first lesson looking for the coach, it would be a waste of time. And the coach would definitely NOT look for you, as he / she need to look after other students. In gist, please meet up with the instructor before you even get changed.

Swimming Class Assembly Point at Kwun Tong Swimming Pool

You should have received a “Commencement Note” via email around 2 days before the first lesson. The name(s) and contact telephone number(s) of the instructor / staff would be listed within. When you arrive the pool at your first lesson, you can contact and meet up the instructor with ease.

As civilized persons, we would not block the passageway of the toll gates. You would meet up the instructor by the flag pole areas a few steps from the toll gates.

On the first day of lesson, please arrive at the pool venue 5 minutes prior to lesson starts.

Class Assembly Point: Flagpole in front of pool entrance


Get everyone ready at the first lesson

Gathering at the flag pole area is an organized, timely and efficient way to start the course, and make sure all students would benefit from it.

The instructor would make sure that all new students have arrived, and give a briefing on explaining the course content to the students, the rules of the pool and answer any questions that may have.

If students have any inquiries, special physical conditions, or points that the coach needs to pay attention to, please communicate with the coach.