What to look for in adult private swimming lessons

Want to learn one on one / only with your peers? only learn swimming at odd timings? Take up private lessons from us might be the best option.

So how to choose a lesson provider for adult private swimming lessons?

1. The Club should have competitive swimming experience

We know you are not aiming for Masters Swimming, going to Olympics or anything like that. But a club which can train competitive swimmers means the coaches are more capable, and will understand a little more about swimming (your needs!) than others that did not train swimmers to compete at a high level.

2. Coaches should have adult swimming teaching experience

They should have experience working with adults and not just kids.

In Hong Kong there are countless swimming clubs offer countless swim programmes for children. Not many clubs have adequate students for adult swimming.

Many clubs have coaches that have very little experience working with adult, they know the basics, but can’t help you much as a adult swimmer. They may come cheap, but we tell you it’s not worth it.

But don’t worry. You are in the right place.

We offer adult swimming classes all year round. Our coaches have extensive experiences in working with adults, and they have special skill sets in helping you overcoming fear of water.

3. Coaches should be able to distinguish sprint vs long-distance swimming

In Hong Kong, many coaches train sprint swimmers, but that’s usually not you.

You want to swim certain distance with less efforts, right?

A good private adult swimming coach should be able to adjust. Rest assure, our coaches are trained and experienced so they can. We can distinguish stroke needs between young sprinters and 40-year-old amateur swimmers, for sure.

4. Coaches should possess good personality

Maybe you are not a fast learner. So having a coach who are patient and good personality is very important.

Our coaches are not in a hurry (in fact good coaches are busy but they will not show it), they listens well and will give you feedback and follow-up. That’s what we demand them.

5. Price could be an indicator

Well, be honest with yourself. You get what you pay for. It’s just like everything else.

Coaches who are experienced in teaching swimming, especially adult swimming, are in demand.

We are not trying to make a fortune, but we want to make sure the coach is good, worthwhile, and pay close attention to you and make sure you succeed in learning swimming.

We do not charge top price, since we do not want picky customers. We do not consider ourselves top class so we try harder! (That’s what we always telling the coaches)

One more thing:

Satisfaction is about getting what you really want.

Highlight what you might want to achieve to your coach, at the very first lesson.

Our coach will try their best to make your learning as smooth as possible.